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FEM Moguls (Female Moguls)

About FEM Moguls (Female Moguls)

SOON... we will resume moving forward with our first book dedicated to multi-cultural women in business including careers AND entrepreneurship!

There are spots available for contributing women of color authors wanting to GIVE (back) and GROW (their businesses).  Is that you?

Click here to find out what the first book in the series is all about and see if it's a WIN-WIN for you.

What is FEM Moguls?

FEM Moguls is an initiative ~ a Movement dedicated to ALL Women of Color. We bring together females navigating through life as women of color in business to balance life in the forefront, professionally and 'behind the scenes,' personally.  We journey with them all the way to the top as they become MADE MOGUListas™ ~ we are a committed to foster and serve a community of savvy and ambitious multi-cultural women in business.  


mo·gul·lista (mō′gəl′listə, mō-gŭl′listə)
noun. 1. A very rich or powerful woman of color; a magnate

We are MOGUListas™ "in the making", on journeys to become MADE MOGUListas™ but we don't compete, we collaborate!

Join our deep impact network and community dedicated to supporting and collaborating with Women of Color... come on in.. it's FREE!

JOIN the FEM Moguls MOGUListas™ Movement and begin to journey with us today!

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